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Certainty, Doubt and Offence

December 2022

Why it's a Magical Experience.

November 2022

Prisons are designed to be inescapable, but even the toughest, most complex ones have flaws. The truly inescapable prison is the one holding your…

October 2022

An exploration of consciousness, AI and rights.

September 2022

The recently, and ever growing acceptable form of bigotry
Where bigotry comes from and why we can't get rid of it.

August 2022

It's simple. Comforting. Easy. But it has one problem - it's wrong.

July 2022

Society now places more emphasis on having the right opinions, rather than doing the right thing. The consequences of this is disturbing.

June 2022

It’s June, which means it’s the perfect time to write about New Years Resolutions.

May 2022

My tips which are guaranteed to increase your reading speed.
Who knew there was so much to learn from improv comedy?