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A Quick Lesson in Detecting Propaganda

Language changes our perception. One word can make you hallucinate. Changing a single word in a sentence is enough for you to remember seeing something that never happened. Our minds and memories are malleable. Those that understand the power that language has over shaping our perception can end up becoming the purveyors of propaganda. Influencing the masses with nothing more than a few carefully selected words. Language is the vehicle of propaganda. I’ve written before about how fickle our memories are. Look at the 1974 Loftus and Palmer study. They got a group of students together to witness a car crash that had been filmed. They were asked “About how fast were the cars going when they (smashed / collided / bumped / hit / contacted) each other?”.  Depending on what verb was used in the question, depends on how fast they thought the vehicle was going. They all saw the same crash, yet one word changed how fast they perceived the cars were going because each of the verbs have a non-di