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Free Will and Clairvoyants

One question is all that is needed to see if a clairvoyant is genuine. Or at least to see if they believe their skills are genuine. I will explain why no one can claim to know what the future holds while simultaneously maintaining their belief in free will. This extends to deities, psychics, cartomancers - anyone who claims they can accurately and precisely predict the future. Today I will focus on modern day snake oil salesmen - clairvoyants. To their credit, when fortune tellers give you their prediction for the future they will avoid giving any specifics. This will prevent you from testing their claim. Instead they give vague suggestions that could happen to anyone, which you then mold your experience into. “Something bad will happen to a family member” they say. Which family member? How bad? When? You fill out all of these details when an event like that inevitably happens. It will happen, not because they predicted it, but because eventually something bad will always happens to a