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It's the Little Things that make a BIG Difference

What follows are two golden systems that I have implemented in my life and I recommend you try. I guarantee that these two small things will change some people's lives more than any major changes that they could implement. These systems are easy, and the pay off is huge. They’ll help you use your time more efficiently and give you more time overall. Let’s start with a seemingly irrelevant quote. Before you read on, please, do not take this as an advocacy for eating elephants, I disavow all, and every attempt to eat elephants.  “There is only one way to eat an elephant, a bite at a time” -Desmond Tutu. Now you may be asking, what does this quote have to do with anything? Before I give you that answer, I’ll have to give you a bit of context. Your time is precious, as is mine, so this won’t take long.  My home is relatively clean. I manage to maintain a level of cleanliness where it rarely, if ever, falls into a state of disarray. I manage to keep this relatively high standard, not by

Increase Your Productivity: Energy Levels

Energy produces productivity. If there’s no energy, nothing productive gets done. The key to using your time effectively is managing your energy levels and matching your activity to your current energy level. The idea is that you find what it is that can promote feelings of productivity and use this knowledge to create productive moods which you will spend on exercising, cleaning, or whatever activity you need to get done. Use your pattern recognition skills to do this. Figure out what promotes productivity, and then figure out what activities you should be doing during the day, when you should be doing them, and for how long. Match your activity to your energy level: After breakfast and during my cup of coffee is the best time for me to do my writing. My energy levels are just right, I want to do this. After that, I’m itching to do something active so I’ll head to the gym. Once I’m done with my workout, I like to do something sedentary for a while so I’ll work on some video editing,