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How can we Trust our Memories?

When we think back to past events, how can we know that they're accurate? Can we reminisce over things that never happened? If there’s one thing that I have learnt over the past few years, it’s how easily manipulated people can be. Anything from our actions to our fickle memories. False memories are a more common phenomena than you would think. How many of your memories are false? You wouldn't know - you can't  know for certain. 90% of them could be completely fabricated. But you trust that most of the memories you have are real. I for one, know of some false memories that I have, merely due to logical inconsistencies in how the story in my head goes. When I think back to them, my brain realises the incongruency and tries to fix it by ‘remembering’ something else so that it makes sense. I can clearly remember both memories, knowing that at least one of them is incorrect. I honestly don’t know which parts of that story are real any more. Matching your memories with someone e

My Political Journey (so far)

 This is a story about change. As expressed previously, politics was something I was never really into. I had little time for it. I didn’t feel that it had a big impact on my life so I switched off when a political topic came up. It wasn’t until I was on holiday with my brother a number of years ago that, after shrugging in response to a political question, I was told I should take more of an interest in it. So… that’s what I did. I took a political test at around end of 2015. This is where I landed.  A full on communist, right? As one can imagine though, once one gets more involved in a topic, their views change. Once I became more informed about the specifics of things, I started to see things differently. Needless to say, I was rather shocked when Donald Trump won in 2016. There was a large group of people that was seeing something that I couldn’t. He had a message that resonated with certain people. What was that message? There are some who are still scratching their heads trying t