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The News is no Longer the News.

The news no longer wants to keep you informed. There used to be a time when their sole purpose was to inform us, that was how they made their money - by being honest and informative. But in the last few years especially this is no longer the case. Fake news is a real thing. Everyone needs to understand this and I’m not exaggerating when I say the cohesiveness of society depends on it. It’s not just those that Trump accuses who dabble in fake news, it’s all news companies that want to make a profit - they’re forced to. The thing that people need to keep in mind when talking about the news is that they’re a business that wants to make money. They’re motivated primarily by profit. The news started to change as soon as they had tools to measure what content gathered more engagement from the public. We’re talking about clicks and advertisements. Yes, those dreaded Clickbaits. As soon as they could measure how many people clicked on an article, the business model of how the news operated cha

A Simple Sleep Hack to Wake up Feeling Better

Sleep is much more interesting than what it initially seems. I stumbled across a Joe Rogan podcast featuring Matthew Walker who is all an expert in things related to sleepiness. I was blown away by how important, and yet severely underrated sleep is. His work has convinced me to prioritise getting an optimal amount of sleep every night. The effects sleep has on us are astounding, just Youtube a few of his talks and you’ll be left dumbfounded. First step before we get into the interesting psychological side of waking up is the  sleep calculator. I use a sleep calculator to figure out the most optimal time to wake up. Your body goes through sleep cycles, each cycle consists of 90 minutes which contain important stages that your body must go in order to feel rested. If you wake up naturally during the night, it will most likely be between one of your sleep cycles. You should be aiming to wake up in between one of these sleep cycles. If you’d like a good night’s sleep then you should giv

No, Not Everyone Should Vote in Elections.

 With New Zealand elections right around the corner, I see a big push from our government to get as many people voting as possible. The political parties are looking to grab as many votes as they can to attain more power and influence. But in terms of our democracy, should we be encouraging everyone to vote? Can you think of a group of people who you wouldn’t want to vote and who should be discouraged from voting? I know I can. I know this because I was one of those people who should have been discouraged from voting. For the last two elections I can admit that when I voted, I effectively threw away my vote. I didn’t properly look into it all. I didn’t care. I didn’t feel like it affected me in any meaningful way. I just voted because “that’s the thing to do” and the political party that I voted for was that which my family and those around me had always voted for. There was no original input to which way I voted. Fortunately, since then I have started taking an interest in politics, c