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Determinism. Why Free Will Does Not Exist.

  Please check out my video that I made explaining my thoughts on determinism. Transcript: Hello. What I am going to present to you today is the argument for determinism. And so that is that free will is an illusion and not only is it an illusion but the very concept of it just doesn’t make any sense at all. You’re going to want to stick around for this as well because your mind, will be blown and you won’t have any control over that. We should first start by defining some of our definitions. So free will is the idea that you could have chosen otherwise. If you rewind the clock back to a decision that you once made, free will states that you could have chosen differently. Most people tend to believe this, it’s a very normal, natural conclusion to come to. However, I am of the different opinion I think that everything we do is just due to external factors and it’s all just cause and effect. So no matter how many times you rewind the clock back, you’re always going to end up doing the sa

Why Intentions Behind an Action Matter

There are situations that you can imagine where an action of one person leads to the harm of another. Yet depending on the circumstances, more specifically the intentions of the perpetrator, your feelings towards them should vary. Picture this if you will, you’re walking down the street and someone comes up to you, looks you in the eyes and punches you square in the face. The intention is clear, as evident from the surrounding circumstances. The intention was built upon malice, they were looking to do you harm and you have every right to be angry at them. Now imagine another situation. This time someone walking by you comically slips on a banana peel. Their arms flail about as a result and they smack you in the face. Same result as the first - you’re in a lot of pain. But they didn’t intend this to happen, if given the choice I’m sure they would have rather not slipped on the banana peel and caused you harm. It was an accident. You can’t really blame them. You are still permitted to be

The Suffering of a Fly

How much suffering should we find acceptable?                                               Before we start there are two simple propositions that must be accepted. The first is that suffering, as a matter of experience, is a bad thing. The second is that where there is suffering, it should be reduced when possible. In fact, former proposition begs the latter. Generally speaking, experiences that are viewed as bad are ones that we would like to reduce, given one’s brain is in a normal, non-psychopathic state. So as long as we can agree on the non-contentious statement that suffering is bad, then we can proceed. Imagine a fly on a windowsill. This fly has ingested poison and will die in 30 seconds. It is writhing around, quite possibly in an insurmountable amount of pain. You wouldn’t want to be this fly right now. Given the choice, you would rather keep your current experience than swap with the fly’s. So with this in mind, do you kill the fly before the poison does and end its sufferi