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Three Similarities Between us and any Alien Civilisation

I was thinking about this the other day, about how physics is the same no matter where you are in the universe. The equation for gravity is the same everywhere along with the speed of light, general relativity, boiling point for water and the list goes on. All of these equations can, and would be discovered by an intelligent alien life force if it survives long enough, although they may have a different way of explaining it.  So it got me thinking, what other universal things would an intelligent life force have in common with us? There must be some things that are universal, whether it be mathematical equations, ways of thinking or how successful societies work. Ways of thinking/Thought Let’s brain storm shall we? How about irony? I see no reason how aliens could not have a concept of something being ironic. A fire truck being on fire is ironic. Even if they don’t the equivalence of a fire truck there would be some situation that irony can occur that is similar to a burning fire truck

Flash Fiction - Recursion

"You took quite a fall there, young lady". Looks painful. “You’re such a drama queen”. A hand reaches out from behind a blur of green and helps her up from the ground. “Come, let’s go”. She rubs her head as she trails behind her friend, she turns around only to see that the man in green has disappeared. She shakes her head, a bit confused as to what just happened. She scrunches her face but can’t recall anything more than from a few moments ago. They turn the corner. The all too familiar smell of biscuits, cakes and bread wafts over them as they pass the same bakery. Her stomach rumbles. When was the last time she ate? Who knows, she can’t remember. A stinging sensation from her elbow impinges on her attention as they walk down the street. She looks down to examine what's causing the pain and doesn't notice a green figure pass right by her. Her arm is grazed badly, she doesn’t know what from. She hasn't noticed the fa├žade yet. As they approach the next corner, her